Model Railroading Tips


Why Model Railroading?

Have you taken your children to a model train show yet? And are they hooked? It's almost a rite of passage for boys to have some type of model train set sometime in their childhood. And to tell you the truth, only Santa Claus knows how many girls have cried come Christmas morning because they didn't get a train set like their brother.

Watching the small trains, in many ways, takes us back to a time -- an era -- where life seemed simpler, slower, and values seemed more pronounced. In this era, the train ride was more than just a method of transportation to get from Chicago to New York City . . . although it was indeed that too . . . the ride itself in the Pullman cars was the thrill, the luxury and the relaxing aspect of the event.

Model railroading is the one hobby that can occupy the attention of every member of the family. Each is recruited to perform some task.

It's also a hobby that you bequeath to your children who can then carry it on to their own children one day. Talk to almost any avid model railroader today; you'll discover that more often than not he started out loving the hobby as a child.

Your new hobby also provides you with a great excuse to travel. Indeed! You'll discover you can go on rail-fanning trips, travel to conventions or shows or just visit friends you've made through the hobby.

But more than that, you'll meet people from all walks of life. When you join your first group of model railroaders, don't be surprised to find doctors, lawyers, engineers, business people to name just a very few of the people from so many different occupations.

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