The Flying Scotsman is the name of an express passenger train service and of a locomotive prominently associated with that service. The locomotive, originally an A1 and rebuilt as an A3, is generally depicted carrying the LNER running number 4472.

As one of the most famous steam locomotives in the world there is a good selection of RTR models of the Flying Scotsman loco. The Flying Scotsman train service can also be modelled in modern outline, for example the centenary service depicted on a BR promotional poster was hauled by a Class 55 Deltic in early BR green with maroon coaches.


Graham Farish had several N Gauge A3 variants (eg. with and without smoke deflectors); these are now supplied by Bachmann. According to the LNER encyclopaedia Minitrix also sold an N Gauge The Flying Scotsman which had a reputation for running well but was based on a continental chassis which could have been more realistic.

Hornby offer at least three variants in OO: tender drive, loco drive and live steam; also a Flying Scotsman train pack currently based on the older tender drive model and a live steam double tender version (the second tender was used in preservation to extend the range between water stops to around 250 miles; in main line service the Flying Scotsman and other express passenger services replenished water on the move from water troughs between the rails).

Proscale, DJH and SE Finecast produce 4mm kits of the A1/A3.

Ace Trains, Bachmann, Bassett-Lowke and Sunset Models sell either the A1 or A3 RTR in O gauge, and O gauge / 7mm kits are also available from DJH, ACE Products and others.

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